Makeup for blue eyes


Perfect makeup for blue eyes can not only emphasize the natural appeal of the color but also make it more vivid and enticing. Blue-eyed girl can go for so many make-up options!

Terra-Cotta or orange shadows
Warm colors make eyes look brighter. Draw the line along your eyelashes with a rust-colored shadow to emphasize your blue eyes.

Purple shadows
Purple shadows help accentuate blue eyes. Use the amethyst or royal purple colors as eyeshadows or as eyeliners.

If you want to try bold metallic, bronze shades will balance the cool tones in your eyes. Sweep the bronze eyeshadows across lids or apply dark bronze eyeliner along your lash line.

Neutral smoky eyes
Use a neutral palette of rich brown, gold, and light pink shades to enhance your blue eyes.

Navy mascara
Women with blue eyes should avoid blue eyeshadows. Nevertheless, navy mascara is a good way to stand out blue eyes.




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