How to get thick hair in one minute


Voluminous, thick hair is every girl’s dream! Any hairstyle looks gorgeous on thick hair. But what if Mother Nature did not gift you with stunning locks? Don’t worry about it, the TopArtStyle team has a bunch of simple but effective tricks up our sleeve that we are willing to share!

1) Dry shampoo is an absolute must-have for every girl! Even if your hair is clean and fresh, some dry shampoo will work as a texturizing spray. Freshly washed hair can be really silky and sleek but lack body and texture.



2) Change your parting! It really helps your hair to get more volume and lift your roots.



3) Hide one ponytail under the other! Tie the lower part of your hair into a low ponytail and then make another one a bit higher! The upper one will cover the lower so that it won’t be seen. The ponytail looks fuller and longer!



4) Braid your hair before sleep or twist it up into a messy bun – you will get that messy textured look in the morning!



5) If your braid is too thin, pull it out to look thicker.



6) When blow drying your hair, dry your roots with the head down! This will bring much more volume to your hair.



7) Another hack for adding body to your hair quickly is to tie your hair in a high ponytail, spray the hair around it with hairspray and then loose the hair.



Go ahead and try to recreate any hairstyle from our hair tutorials! Click on the Video tab above to watch a collection of step-by-step video tutorials on hair and makeup.



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