New in makeup: lip powder


The makeup market is now overloaded with all kinds of makeup products. Liquid, creamy, matte textures, cushions, lip tints, you name it! But powder for lips? Lipstick in a powder form is something new, yet intriguing. Let’s see what it's all about!

Makeup For Ever, Sephora and recently Clinique released their own vision of the product. Some of them have metallic glow, while others are mainly matte. Unsurprisingly, the new powdery trend came to us from Korea - as had many others before it.


Those who have alreay tried lip powder claim it looks really nice on the lips and is easy to apply. Although, matte formulas, as usual, might feel a little dry on the lips.

Many people are still in two minds about the powder – it looks good on camera but is it okay for everyday use? Our answer is you should always try and see for yourself, if it works for you or you'd rather stick with your favorite lip gloss. We actually think it's a nice change!


Photo source: Pinterest

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