Makeup remover formulas


There are dozens of dozens of products now that exist to help you remove your makeup. Does it really matter what you use to make your skin fresh and clean again? Let’s get straight to the point.




Apparently, lotions are a go-to option when you need to remove your makeup, and they are also suitable for sensitive skin. Makeup brands now create formulas that help you remove your makeup gently and do not leave greasy or oily residue on the skin.



If you have oily skin, you probably wouldn’t want to choose a greasy makeup remover. We bet you would rather go for cleansing micellar water – it is considered suitable for sensitive and dry skin. Some of these products partially consist of oil. 




Cleansing oils and balms are now super popular. Korean brands have issued a lot of products in the category, hitting the stores and instantly becoming bestsellers. Such balms dissolve makeup right away should you mix them with water and wash your face. Some beauty lovers use natural oils - coconut oil, avocado oil, apricot kernel oil, etc. - to remove makeup.



Cleansing wipes are the best and probably the easiest to use when on the go. Some people love them so much they use them on a regular basis even when at home. Every single cosmetic brand has already issued their own makeup wipes.



Watch Caroline Hirons, famous skin professional, show how to double cleanse your face:



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