FAQs at Top Art Style!

Here at Top Art Style, we hold the world’s leading beauty mentors that can cater to all your beauty needs. These include makeup, skincare, diet, products, fashion, routines and many more! And since we handle all these in one site, you can count on frequent questions.

Through the years we’ve gotten tons of questions, most of which fall under the same context. So to help our readers out, we’ve compiled all of our most frequently asked questions into one list. So if you have any questions or concerns, check out our list first! Who knows you might just get an answer to your question and more!

Does Top Art Style have tutorials?

Yes, we do! We have over 1200 exclusive video tutorials for our TAS members! This covers makeup looks, skincare routines, wardrobe dos and don’ts, recipes and so much more. All our videos are made and performed by our staff.

When does Top Art Style upload content?

We upload our content on a weekly basis. To get notifications when we post, feel free to sign up and join us here at Top Art Style, the home of beauty mentors. We also have an event calendar on the site you can look through to know what and when content gets released.

Are tutorials scheduled?

All our tutorials are free to watch anywhere, anytime. All our tutorials are free to watch as long as you’re a TAS member. You can find all our uploaded video tutorials on our tutorials tab. Once you click on that, you’ll be able to choose what tutorial you opt to watch.

Does Top Art Style sell products?

Even the products used in our tutorials can be purchased through our site! Our featured products come in sets per tutorial and each one has a discount code you can take advantage of. This will get you 5% off on your next purchase.

Are tutorials available in different languages?

Here at Top Art Style, we try our best to make all our content useful for everyone around the world. All our tutorials are dubbed and subtitled by professional language experts. Our site and videos are available in Spanish, English, Mandarin, Fukien, Russian, French, Portuguese, Japanese, Korean, Arabic, German and Thai.

What type of content does Top Art Style release?

Here at TAS, we release video tutorials, helpful articles about makeup, skincare, diet, routines and other helpful topics. To give you a better idea here is a list of all our content released in January:


  • Glam makeup tutorial for beginners (15 minutes)
  • Clean and dewy look (10 minutes)
  • Everyday natural makeup look (8 minutes)
  • Full glam using drugstore makeup (10 minutes)
  • Dry skin care routine for night and day (16 minutes)
  • Products for sensitive skin (10 minutes)
  • Euphoria inspire makeup looks (26 minutes)
  • Soft glam for beginners (14 minutes)
  • Summertime makeup look (8 minutes)
  • Party makeup for beginners (10 minutes).

Does Top Art Style have social media?

Yes, we do. We have an Instagram account, a Facebook page and a Twitter account. Feel free to follow us! Here is our username:

  • Twitter – @topartstyletwt
  • Facebook – Top Art Style Official
  • Instagram – @topartstyle_

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