Trendy hair colours for 2022

Hair is one of the top key points in a whole look, which means that having great hair will not only amp up your style but also your overall get up. That is why knowing the perfect shade, style and trend is essential! This 2022, there are loads of great hair trends you can choose from if you want to improve your look.

Hair colours and styles nowadays range from loud and vibrant to classy and mellow. Regardless of the style and vibe you’re going for, there is always an ideal look for you! To help you out, Top Art Style has created a list of the trendiest hair colours for 2022, check them out down below:

  1. Balayage

Balayage has taken 2020 and 2021 by storm and without a doubt, this style will also make its way to 2022 with flying colours. This style sprung back from the 90s and because of the ‘throwback and comeback’ looks that people are going for, it has made its way to the modern-day trends. One of its main muses was Rachel Green from FRIENDS where she rocked an ash brown balayage for seasons. This gives off a more mature, chic vibe and is best for ages 18 and over.

  1. Bleached

Another trend that’s surfacing the web is getting bleached hair from the roots to the tips! The muse for this trend is American singer Billie Eilish. This trend has always been here and will always have a safe space on the list because not a year goes by without people going full blonde! This look is always deemed as a head-turner. Who doesn’t want to go blonde at least once in their life? So if you want to start the year out bold, try this look!

  1. Vibrant coloured hair

If you don’t think you can pull off a balayage or a bleached look then you’ll most likely love vibrant coloured hair! The muse for this style is Katy Perry who rocks candy pink hair like a boss! This trend is one of the most adored looks on the list that sprung during mid-2021. Not only are teens and young adults rock this look but also individuals in their 30s, 40s and above. 

  1. Deep black

Although the top looks on the list involve bleach, this one however doesn’t. This look is perfect for all ages and screams classy, edgy and strong. One of the muses of this look is none other than Kim Kardashian. This style is great to be paired with any outfit plus a red lip is simply perfection So if you want a more classy look that stands out, go full-on deep black!

  1. Caramel highlights

Last but not least is the caramel highlights. This is a more subtle version of the balayage and is great for ages 18 and above. The muse who always rocks this style like it’s her own is Jennifer Lopez. So if you feel like spicing up your look, but want a more laid back colour then go for this! You can never go wrong with caramel.

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