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General Provisions

This portal’s confidentiality policy (hereinafter, the "Policy”) shall apply to the information submitted by the users (hereinafter, the "Users”) of the Web Resource (hereinafter, the "Web Resource”) during registration of the Users with the Web Resource of IL-Co LLC (Taxpayer Identification No. (INN) 7707743123, Principal State Registration No. (OGRN) 1117746101758) located at: Chrysorogiatissis & Kolokotroni, 3040, Limassol, Cyprus (being the Web Resource admin and holder) as well as its affiliates being part of the same group as the Admin.
The Admin pays much attention to the protection and confidentiality of the Users’ information. The Users may view the major part of the Web Resource pages without providing any information concerning themselves. Nevertheless, for providing certain services on the Web Resource the User may be required to provide certain information to the limited extent stated in this Policy. Any User-relevant information received by the Admin shall solely be used for the purposes of rendering services offered by the Web Resource and raising their quality as well as for making the Web Resource services and content easier and more user-friendly.
Further on, the principles and methods for processing of information of all the Web Resource Users having given their consent with the terms and conditions hereof shall be described.
The User’s registration with the Web Resource shall mean the User’s unconditional consent with this Policy and the terms and conditions of processing his/her information that are stated herein. In case of dissent from the said terms and conditions the User shall refrain from registration with the Web Resource.
Please, familiarise yourself with our Policy prior to using the Web Resource or submitting your information to the Web Resource.

Description of the Users’ Information Received and Processed by the Web Resource Admin

During User registration with the Web Resource as well as during payment and using the Web Resource products and services and when holding surveys on the Web Resource the Admin may request the following information from the User:
User’s name (except for surname and patronymic), e-mail address, year of birth, sex, login and password information for accessing certain Web Resource functions, information on the quantity, cost, timing and procedure of the Web Resource products or services orders made by the Users, information on participating in the Web Resource’s ad campaigns, information on subscription for the Web Resource’s information materials or support services materials. Mandatory information shall be marked by the Admin using special marking while the remaining information shall be provided at the Users’ discretion.
The information automatically submitted to the Admin while using the Web Resource using the software installed on the User’s device shall include the IP address, cookies’ information, information on the User’s country and (or) city, information on the User’s web browser (or another programme used to access the Web Resource), access time, requested webpage URL, the User’s device used to access the Web Resource.
This Policy shall solely apply to the Web Resource. The Admin shall neither control nor be liable for the third persons’ websites and software whereto the User may pass by clicking the links accessible on the Web Resource. Some of the third persons’ other websites may collect or request another information from the User or some other actions may be performed thereat for which the Admin shall not be liable.
The Admin shall not verify the accuracy of information provided by the Users and shall not control their active legal capacity. Nevertheless, the Admin shall presume that the User provides accurate and sufficient information and keeps such information up-to-date. The consequences of providing inaccurate information shall be determined by the User Agreement and the laws of the Republic of Cyprus as well as the relevant international law conventions.

Purposes of Collecting and Processing Information

The Admin shall solely use the information in order to render the services offered by the Web Resource and raising their quality as well as for making the Web Resource services and content easier and more user-friendly and also for:
User identification within the framework of the Web Resource fee-based services agreement;
providing the User with the Web Resource’s customised and recommended features;
customised advertising materials display to the Web Resource’s User;
processing the Users’ queries by the Web Resource Admin or the Web Resource’s customer support service;
analysis and research for improving the Web Resource as well as the Web Resource’s products and services;
mailing news and advertising information on the Web Resource’s products, services and special offers;
mailing service messages (e.g., recovery of the password for accessing the User’s account);
preventing and detecting fraud and illegal use of the Web Resource and its services;
holding statistical and other research based on anonymised data.

Information Processing Terms & Conditions

The Admin shall solely use the Users’ information for the purposes of, and in accordance with, this Policy.
The User’s information shall be kept confidential.
The Admin shall not disclose to the third persons, distribute, sell, alienate or otherwise dispose of the received information except for the purposes of, and in the manner stipulated by, this Policy.
While processing the Users’ information the Admin shall be guided by the effective laws of the Republic of Cyprus as well as the relevant international law conventions.

Altering or Removing the Web Resource Information

The User may alter (update, add) the information provided thereby or a part thereof any time using the Web Resource’s edit function in the User’s personal area.
The User may also remove the information provided thereby within the framework of his/her account using the Remove Account function in the User’s personal area on the Web Resource by accessing the same using the User’s account login and password sent by the Admin to the User’s e-mail address during the account registration. In this regard, the account removal will lead to impossibility of using certain Web Resource services.

Protecting User Information

The Admin shall ensure that the necessary and sufficient organisational and technical measures be taken for protecting the Users’ information from unlawful or accidental access, destruction, change, blocking, copying, distribution as well as other unlawful actions therewith of the third persons.


A Cookie file is a small-sized text file sent to the hard disk of the User’s computer from the Admin’s server. Cookies contain information which may be subsequently used by the Admin.
No details collected by the Admin using Cookies may be used for determining (identifying) the Users.
The Admin may use Cookies for the purposes of controlling the Web Resource use, collecting Users’ non-personal information, saving preferences and other information on the User’s computer in order to save the Users’ time necessary for multiple entering the same information in the Web Resource forms as well as for the purposes of reflecting the content during the User’s subsequent visits of the Web Resource.
The information received using Cookies may also be used by the Admin for statistical research aimed at modifying the Web Resource content in accordance with the Users’ preferences.
The User may change settings for receiving Cookies using his/her browser settings or totally disable the same. Nevertheless, in such case certain Web Resource functions may operate incorrectly.

Amendments to the Policy. User’s Consent with the Policy

The User acknowledges and agrees that the User’s registration with the Web Resource, creating an account and subsequent use of the Web Resource and any of its features and functions shall mean the User’s unconditional consent with all and any clauses hereof and unconditional acceptance of its terms and conditions.
The User’s continued use of the Web Resource upon any amendments to the Policy shall mean his/her consent with such amendments and/or addenda.
The User shall review the content hereof on a regular basis in order to timely familiarise himself/herself with the amendments thereto.
The Admin shall reserve the right to make amendments and (or) addenda to the Policy any time at its own discretion without prior and (or) further notice to the User. The new Policy version shall enter into force as from placing the same on the Web Resource unless otherwise stipulated by the new Policy version. The current Policy version shall be always accessible in the Web Resource interface at
Where you (the User) dissent from the Policy provisions, please kindly renege on the Web Resource use and remove your account.

Final Provisions. Contact Information

This Policy and the relationship between the Users and the Admin arising in connection with the Policy implementation shall be subject to the law of the Republic of Cyprus as well as the relevant international law conventions.
This Policy shall be accessible to all and any Web Resource Users with no exceptions.
We are looking forward to receiving your feedback, questions, suggestions and observations with regard to our Confidentiality Policy which shall be sent to the Admin’s following e-mail address: or by dialling +7 (495) 255-29-92.

This Confidentiality Policy was last updated on September 22, 2015.