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The Black and White



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New tutorials by world famous makeup artist Yossi Bitton are coming soon. He creates professional and innovative makeup and body art.

Published: 25.10.16    

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  1. Rachel Green 15/02/2018

    I like this video so much! It starts like a real movie!
  2. Belfast 6/02/2018

    very artistic, i like it
  3. Maggy 30/01/2018

    looks like some old french cinema to me <3
  4. Marion Sintosa 26/01/2018

    i like that the video is so authentic
  5. Marshmallow 18/01/2018

    so stylish!
  6. לירוז 19/07/2017

    הראשוןף של החורף- חבל על הזמן!!
  7. Полина Зинчурина 20/01/2016

    Очень красивая музыка!
The Black and White
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