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Fashion Video 2017 by Avi Malka



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New tutorials by the world famous hair artist Avi Malka are coming soon. The master works in a unique technique that allows you to create volume without any additional accessories. Each of his works is a masterpiece in the fashion world. Stay tuned for more video lessons coming up!

Published: 08.02.17    

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  1. Elle Mighty 29/01/2018

    music is nice, suits the vid
  2. Marion Sintosa 26/01/2018

    very elegant, as per usual
  3. Madeleine 26/12/2017

    i would like to learn how to make the Lana del Ray one and another one, thy are so nice!
  4. kukanyan 8/11/2017

    So what I can lear from that??
  5. Mesh 7/11/2017

    Hair fashion is a trend now, especially on Instagram…!!!
Fashion Video 2017 by Avi Malka
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