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Smoky eyes from Yossi Bitton



Full time: (21:39)

In this video lesson Yossi Bitton shows how to do the smoky eye that will compliment your eye color. Learn from the best makeup artists in the world together with Topartstyle!

Published: 31.08.17    

Comments 8

  1. Rachel Green 15/02/2018

    His hand looks like a dolmatian paw! hahaha
  2. Steffy 5/02/2018

    woow brows stencil! almost like a godsend ~
  3. Elle Mighty 29/01/2018

    It's so cool that his model is not picture perfect, without marble skin. Makeup is for everyone!
  4. Marshmallow 26/01/2018

    is it nice or is it not - that is the question!
  5. Tiff C 26/12/2017

    weird, i always thought you need to apply foundation before doing anything else, isn't it so?
  6. TheAlekzZz 8/11/2017

    this oneis great
  7. Mila 31/08/2017

    looks amazing!!!!
    1. Mesh 31/08/2017

      You really think so??
Smoky eyes from Yossi Bitton
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