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Happy Life Collection Promo



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For Leonid Romanov this year had a significantly good start - our very talented stylist presented to the world his new "Happy Life Collection 2018"! Let's celebrate by watching this video!

Published: 25.01.18    

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  1. Belfast 6/02/2018

    this is a high fashion vid
  2. Steffy 5/02/2018

    excieting stuff ~.~
  3. Martin 31/01/2018

    they look like millenial kids
  4. Elle Mighty 29/01/2018

    Is this guy a fashion stylist?
    1. Maggy 30/01/2018

      i think he does hair, love ;) that one guy at the end tho...
  5. Serine 26/01/2018

    auch! it's such a mixture of styles of all eras
    1. Rachel Green 15/02/2018

      True! I'm getting shivers, it reminds me of 2000's so much! haha
  6. Brazzil 26/01/2018

    like the style
Happy Life Collection Promo
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